Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Service Provider Agency

Accreditation provides objective, reliable verification that an agency’s programs are accessible, appropriate, culturally responsive, evidence based and outcome oriented. It provides consumers and community partners with the assurance that services are provided by well-trained and highly qualified staff and that the individuals served by the organization are treated with dignity and respect.

ASMC has been accredited since 2008 by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

It is important to understand the depth of the agency’s experience and their track record within your community.

ASMC has been providing services in the Charlotte area since 1979.

Not only these, but ASMC also checks employee Driving Records, the NC Health Care Registry and Sex Offender Registry.
New employees at ASMC must complete a week of intensive training before they report for work. They also receive an orientation to the individuals they will be working with and annual refresher training.
ASMC has an interdisciplinary team that works with each individual and their family. In addition to the QP, we have a Register Nurse, Dietician, Communication Specialist, Behavior Specialist, and Social Work Coordinator.
Caregivers with ASMC receive direct, clinical supervision on a regular basis. Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) standards are established annually and reviewed at least quarterly.
In addition to staff training, ASMC has a Human Rights Committee composed of volunteers from the community who make unannounced site visits and meet quarterly to review progress and recommend changes to improve client care.
Supervisory and Nursing staff are on-call 24 hours a day for emergencies.